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For more than 150 years GSW has provided innovative products to Canadian homes, a claim few water heater brands can make. We continue to evolve and strive to provide the safest, most reliable and energy efficient water heaters available.

Our Water Heaters Undergo Extreme Canadian Cold Weather Testing

To ensure our water heaters perform in the harsh Canadian climate, GSW conducts these quality tests.

  • Cold soak test to simulate the water heater being stored overnight in a truck or in an unheated warehouse.
  • Cold water condensation test to evaluate how condensation affects the burner and pilot operation.
  • Cold air intake test that simulates winter air being drawn into direct vent and power direct vent water heaters.
  • Life cycle test which simulates the entire life span of a Canadian water heater.
  • Outside vent test that uses actual outside ambient temperatures.
  • Downdraft test for atmospheric vent water heaters to ensure they adhere to CSA standards.

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